Our technology — your application

Utilizing our cutting-edge intellectual property, our customers gain the competitive advantage required to succeed in today’s global market.

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Complete technology packages

Offering complete business solutions, from IP over parameters to software, we substantially reduce your time to market.

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Consulting done right

Delivering custom-tailored strategies to our clients’ ever changing and growing demands, we provide you with the tools to excel in today’s technology-focused world.

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Guidance and new possibilities

Our technologies can be integrated into your product lines seamlessly, giving you new business opportunities, making new markets accessible.

Transfer of knowledge

Our consulting includes full transfer of knowledge to our clients. You understand our technologies, not just apply them.


Our technological discoveries are well-protected globally by patents giving them wide coverage and enforceability.

Joint developments

We conduct joint projects with our clients to develop what they need, when they need it.

About WSoptics technologies

WSoptics technologies was founded in 2020 to address a growing need for technological advancement, protection of IP, and fast-to-market development of products in the mechanical engineering market. We focus on manufacturing technologies utilizing lasers, in particular sheet metal manufacturing. Our area of expertise covers laser processes and gas dynamics, mechanical engineering, algorithm development, and software engineering.

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